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We sell power-driven tourist trains, which make it easy to travel more sustainably. Tourist trains are an environmentally conscious option, which can offer the traveler a comfortable experience, free from pollution and emissions. We turn to companies and public actors, such as municipal governments, to show what our flexible, electric vehicles can provide with. Choose one of our electric trains and contribute to ecological sustainability.
If power-driven is not for you, we also offer gas-powered and bio-gas driven tourist trains.

trains we offer

We have a wide range of tourist trains in different colors and formats for different areas of use. The trains can be used for sightseeing tours in cities, amusement parks, fairs or other places.

Red/black small tourist train

Small trains for up to 52 passengers

Red/gold middle size tourist train

Middle sized trains for up to 84 passengers

White/blue large tourist train

Large trains for up to 140 passengers

Wine red/yellow tourist train

Transport trains for transporting goods

Thomas the Train tourist train replica

The trains can be adjusted

Multicolored three wheeled offroad tourist train

Trains with lights


Choose a tourist train and contribute to ecological sustainability. This also gives you a greener business. Because the sightseeing trains are electric, we can offer an environmentally conscious alternative of passenger travel. You can choose to charge the train with green electricity for an even smaller footprint on our planet and the train journey will be free of pollution and emissions.


We can offer tourists a quiet, safe and pleasant travel experience. It is convenient for the traveler and also easy and convenient for the driver to run the tourist trains. The passengers sit in open carriages. Since the carriages are open, it allows for a lovely proximity to the area and a better experience. The travel experience with our electric sightseeing trains is not only comfortable, but also safe. As the trains run steadily and slowly, it brings good safety for both train travelers and other people around. The trains take tourists to desired locations such as sights in the city, around parks and into nature. Or why not offer a tour indoors at the fair? Summer and winter, the tourist trains roll forward slowly, with a driver up front in the locomotive. The tourist trains roll directly on the ground or floor surface without any rails, which gives a flexibility that brings all the possibilities to succeed in your business.

Maintenence and service

We offer proximity to service where we help with your questions and problems. You can easily exchange spare parts with us. When the train has been in operation for several years, we can also change the battery. Customer support will be happy to answer your questions and we have access to technicians who can service the tourist trains.

our trains

A selection of our delivered trains:
Yellow/blue tourist train

Karlstad Sightseeing

This train takes tourists around the city centre of Karlstad during summer time. It was delivered in 20--. With the happy colours the train is a proud representative of the Swedish legacy.

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Green/black tourist train


The green train takes tourists between the wonderful parks of Enköping in summer time. It was delivered in 2022 and has already become a natural part of the city and surroundings.

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Blue/yellow tourist train

Visby tourist train

The blue and yellow train takes tourists around the medeival town of Visby. It was delivered in 20-- and is still a beloved part of the swedish island.

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White/light blue tourist train

City-Tuffen in Lysekil

This train takes tourists on a sightseeing tour by the sea on the swedish west coast. It was delivered in the 1990s and is still going strong in the famous old fishing town.

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